Bad Times At The El Royale [Soundtrack]
Artist: Michael Giacchino
Format: CD
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1. The Suite At The El Royale
2. A Room With An Entrez-Vous
3. Let The Spieling Begin
4. Rough Around The Ledger
5. It's Ms. You To You
6. Mirror Mortals
7. When Push Comes To Hoover
8. Darlene-Eyed Monster
9. My Memory, My Memory
10. I Spy With My Little Fbi
11. Sea You Again Soon
12. The Doors Of Deception
13. Voyeur In So Much Trouble
14. Clingin' In The Rain
15. A Bang Up Robbery
16. You Can't Flynn 'em All
17. Rose And Cons
18. A Blaze Of Allegory
19. Billy Lee Is Not My Lover
20. Roulette The Chips Fall
21. The Wages Of Flynn
22. Absolution Presents Itself