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The Devil Makes Three

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Ace of Spades
Sacramento, CA

The Devil Makes Three

Ace of Spades
Nov 02

The power of words isnít lost on longstanding Americana triumvirateThe Devil Makes ThreeóPete Bernhard, Lucia Turino, and Cooper McBean. For as much as they remain rooted in troubadour traditions of wandering folk, Delta blues, whiskey-soaked ragtime, and reckless rock Ďní roll, the band nods to the revolutionary unrest of author James Baldwin, the no-holds barred disillusionment of Ernest Hemingway, and Southern Gothic malaise of Flannery OíConnor.

In that respect, their sixth full-length and first of original material since 2013,Chains Are Broken,resembles a dusty leather-bound book of short stories from some bygone era. As the band began writing ideas forChains Are Broken, they veered off the proverbial path creatively. Instead of their typical revolving cast of collaborators,The Devil Makes Threestuck to its signature power trio, with one addition. This time, they invited touring drummer Stefan Amidon to power the bulk of the percussion.

Another first, they retreated to Sonic Ranch Studios in El Paso, TX a stoneís throw from the Mexican border to record with producer Ted Hutt [Dropkick Murphys].

The incorporation of new sounds as well as the experimentation in space finds the Devil Makes Three crafting a new yet still familiar sound. Coupled with a continued focus on in-depth lyricism that tells a story in every song,Chains Are Brokenis a liberating, rump-shaking collection of past, present and future.

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