We are very excited for the Record Store†Drops on 6/12 and 7/17 and we hope you are too! We will be running the same as the last RSD Drops! Hereís how the day will run:

  • Open at 9AM
  • Line will begin at the front door and wrap around the building along F street
  • Spots will be marked 6ft apart for the line. Please respect folks space and practice social distancing by keeping to those marked spots
  • At 9AM we will let folks in 8 at a time
  • There will be marked locations where each person can stand in the store
  • One copy of each release per person
  • Staff will be wearing masks
  • From 9-10 we are exclusively open to sell RSD releases. After 12pm Armadillo Music will return to itís regularly scheduled programming allowing all to browse freely!

Thatís it! See you soon!

We look forward to seeing you and having an awesome RSD!

For the full list of releases visit: