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Format: CD
Label: Columbia (USA)
Catalog: CK-36553
Rel. Date: 08/28/1990
UPC: 074643655323

Artist: Rhett Miller
Format: CD
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''Saved'' is singer-songwriter Bob Dylan's 20th studio album, released by Columbia Records in June 1980.

''Saved'' was Dylan's second album to follow his conversion to born-again Christianity, explored on the album's predecessor (1979's well-received ''Slow Train Coming''). Every song on the album is about strong personal faith and features heavy gospel influences; unlike the previous record, many critics dismissed ''Saved'' for its dogmatic songs and bombastic arrangements. While it still made a healthy #3 in the UK, it only managed #24 during a brief chart stay in the US and never went gold.

''CCM Magazine'' described the album as an "open declaration of Dylan's deepening faith." - Wikipedia

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