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New Releases

Armadillo Music sells almost all of the major new releases. From J. Cole to Dwight Yoakam, Gary Clark Jr. to Yo-Yo Ma, and Beyonce to Enya, we do our best to have all of the current releases in stock on vinyl and CD.

Special orders- we do them! Looking for an artist’s music just outside of the mainstream? We’ve got you. Call us and we’ll make it happen; we’re happy to be the ones who connect you to the music you love.

Stop by and check out our new releases, top sellers, and employee pick boards for new artist recommendations or some exposure to new music- there’s so much out there!


Big Sean – I Decided

Release Date: 2.17.17 Ironically, Big Sean really did himself 'No Favors' putting Eminem on the heart-attack- speed political rant of the same name. The rest of the album is a trip through Southside Detroit, the ups and downs of fame, and an unwavering belief in...

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Charles Wilson – In It To Win It

Release Date: 2.17.17 Old- school R&B from a veteran, mature voice, Charles Wilson is 'in it to win it'. No- frills, throwback R&B for only the smoothest of operators. Features Pit Bull, T.I., Wiz Khalifa, and Robin Thicke.

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Son Volt – Notes of Blue

Release Date: 2.17.17 It was clear that when Son Volt went to go record this record they wanted to let the distortion buzz and rattle its way throughout the entirety of Notes of Blue. While there are a few softer, pedal- steel laden tracks here and there, it's...

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Nikki Lane – Highway Queen

Release Date: 2.17.17 In the tradition of country artists who straddle the line between conventional and not, Nikki Lane channels the grit of those who defy convention. Rock or country? Alt. country? All of them. Add a defiant voice who's been around the block once or...

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Alison Krauss – Windy City

Release Date: 2.17.17 There's never been any question of whether Alison Krauss can sing. At times she can even be guilty of over- singing, as she takes a note to the highest part of the atmosphere and drops it down onto a cushion fabricated of Egyptian silk, and new-...

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Eisley – I’m Only Dreaming

Release Date: 2.17.17 Texas Pop- Rock band back with new album filled with soaring choruses, all at once full of melancholy and saccharine- sweet lyrics, and guitars that reverb forever.

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Ryan Adams – Prisoner

Release Date: 2.17.17 Ryan Adams' new offering is a retrospective investigation into the land of the heartbroken. While Adams plunges into the depths of 80's driven ballads, the well- balanced album features moments of the acoustic, barely-there, whispered vocals...

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