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From classical to jazz, reggae to rock, and country to punk. You can find a wide selection of music at Armadillo!

Choose from an assortment of gear to help you enjoy your latest music purchase from Armadillo.

Hundreds of DVDs to choose from. Priced $4.98 or less. Start building your own video library.

Choose from a variety of vintage concert tees, pickup an Armadillo Music t-shirt, or shop in style with an Armadillo tote.

Davis, CA

Armadillo Music is your local record store located in downtown Davis, CA. We have been serving Davis, UC Davis, and the surrounding community since 1996. We invite you to come to our store next time you are in the area and browse our inventory of vinyl LPs, CDs, DVDs, cassettes, and music related gear!

If you are looking for something special or info on new releases and can’t make it into our store, give us a call.   We can see if we have that title in stock, new or used. We can ship anywhere in the world with a credit card and your address!

CDs, DVDs, and Vinyl

DVDBoxAt Armadillo Music we pride ourselves on our diverse selection of everything from classical to jazz, reggae to rock, and country to punk. We are as eclectic in our selection as the people who shop our store. We have many hard to find titles, as well as out of print gems just waiting for you to discover them. With our inventory changing daily it doesn’t hurt to keep coming back to see what we get in everyday.

Buy, Sell, Trade

RecordRackWE BUY CDs, DVDs, and LPs. We pay in cash or store credit. Our selection is always growing, and our prices are less than most chain stores when it comes to used items. We also guarantee EVERYTHING we sell against defect.  We have been told that we pay more than any other store in Sacramento.  So bring in your unwanted items to us. All of our staff are qualified to buy from the public, so there’s no “come back when the manager is in” nonsense to deal with at Armadillo. We do ask that you bring ID with you when you sell to our store. It’s a great way to get rid of the stuff you don’t want, and get the stuff you do.

If you have any questions, please call our store during business hours.

We are constantly booking live In-Stores and as always these shows are free to the public. We also participate in the Davis Downtown 2nd Friday ArtAbout. Swing on by and check out some free tunes and great artwork. See ya around.

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We are hoping to get you into the vinyl game! This system means you're out of excuses! For $219.98 you get the Technics turntable, the Technics amplifier, the Kenwood speakers and the cabinet! It sounds like hot fire and you'll have all your friends worshiping the sounds that pound the ground around town! It's one of two systems we have in now to make music the center of your entertainment! #vinyl #technics #stereo #turntable #davisca #armadillomusic #rockandroll #kenwood #ucdavis #ucd #vacationallieverwanted #vacationhowdidyougetaway #music ... See MoreSee Less

We haven't had a cool giveaway in awhile, so let's give it up for Lindsey Stirling and her new release "Brave Enough"! Now this giveaway will last about 30 seconds, as we only have one prize, but who would like to get a 2016 Lindsey Stirling medium t-shirt and a Lindsey Stirling vinyl bag! This album is OUT NOW on CD and will be released on vinyl Tuesday, September 6th! So the FIRST person who calls us at 530-758-8058 and PRE-ORDERS the vinyl will get both these killer items FREE with the record on September 6th! Let the games begin! #lindseystirling #music #ucdavis #ucd #armadillomusic ... See MoreSee Less

Here's your chance to Rick Roll someone's record collection! It's the single for the Youtube classic "Never Gonna Give You Up". Imagine if you snuck this into a collection of records! You could real-life Rick Roll a homie! #rickastley #rickroll #humor #vinyl #funny #music #ucdavis #davisca #kdvs #kdrt ... See MoreSee Less

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