From classical to jazz, reggae to rock, and country to punk. You can find a wide selection of music at Armadillo!

Choose from an assortment of gear to help you enjoy your latest music purchase from Armadillo.

Hundreds of DVDs to choose from. Priced $4.98 or less. Start building your own video library.

Choose from a variety of vintage concert tees, pickup an Armadillo Music t-shirt, or shop in style with an Armadillo tote.

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Davis, CA

Armadillo Music is your local record store located in beautiful downtown Davis, CA. We have been serving Davis, UC Davis, and the surrounding community since 1996. We invite you to come to our store next time you are in the area and browse our inventory of vinyl LPs, CDs, DVDs, cassettes, and music- related gear!

If you are looking for something special or info on new releases and can’t make it into our store, give us a call.   We can see if we have that title in stock, new or used. We also can ship anywhere in the world with a credit card and your address!

CDs, DVDs, and Vinyl

DVDBoxAt Armadillo Music we pride ourselves on our diverse selection of everything from classical to jazz, reggae to rock, and country to punk. We are as eclectic in our selection as the people who shop our store. We have many hard- to- find titles, as well as out- of- print gems just waiting for you to discover them. With our inventory changing daily it doesn’t hurt to keep coming back to see what we get in every day.

Buy, Sell, Trade

RecordRackWE BUY CDs, DVDs, and LPs. We pay in cash or store credit for you to pick up some new tunes. Our selection is always growing, and our prices are less than most chain stores when it comes to used items. We also guarantee EVERYTHING we sell against defect, and try to be as discerning as we can when we evaluate our merchandise. We’ve been told that we pay more than any other store in the Sacramento, and we do try to be as fair as possible with people who sell their items to us. So bring in all of your unwanted items to get some new ones or put some cash in your wallet. We have a well- qualified staff with the knowledge to pay you what your collection is worth. We do ask that you bring ID with you when you sell to our store. It’s a great way to get rid of the things you don’t want, and make room for the stuff you do.

If you have any questions, please call our store during business hours.

Facebook Posts

Happy Black Friday Record Store Day 2017! That's right, grandpa had a secret & it's that today is Record Store Day! While you were fist-fighting with a senior citizen over a stuffed bear that sings "Silent Night" at your big box store we were putting out Record Store Day Exclusives for our vinyl-loving friends!
And you might be thinking, "All the good stuff is gone, sing for me, auto-tuned dumb bear" you couldn't be more wrong! We have many great releases, as well as a sale that will make the internet close down forever. It's 50% off the marked price on all used CDs, DVDs and vinyl TODAY ONLY! All our bargain bin CDs are $0.99 each too!
So while Uncle Fred is still waking up on your couch after losing the rent because he bet on the New York Giants you can get in a little you time at Armadillo Music! #vinyl #rsd2017 #blackfridayrecordstoreday2017 #music #records #armadillomusic #davisca #ucd #ucdavis #downtowndavis #jazz #blues #papadorunrun #beyoncejustbecause
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So you're trying to figure out "Black Friday" & you just don't know where to start. START AT ARMADILLO MUSIC! First of all, it's Black Friday Record Store Day and we are going to have the vinyl nuggets you crave. Eat up up like Pac-Man, because there is so many killer releases coming out you're gonna want your power pellets. If you are hoping for some kind of sale then you're hoping up the right tree. We are gonna have some great deals, some hot steals, and maybe even Paul will dress up like Emma Peel, so let's rebound from that turkey mound and go to town! We will open at 9 am. #rsd2017 #blackfridayrecordstoreday2017 #vinyl #music #davisca #ucd #recorsd #sale #armadillomusic #ucd #ucdavis #goags #downtowndavis #jazz #blues #funk #soul #rap #hiphop #doors #u2 ... See MoreSee Less

Hey party people! We are pumped up and excited to welcome KDVS 90.3 FM into Armadillo Music tonight! They are holding their Fall Fundraiser right now and you can call in and pledge at 1-530-752-KDVS or you can come in to Armadillo Music and talk to these wonderful folks until 7 PM! COME SAY HELLO! They are accepting donations, selling shirts, KDVS sunglasses and frisbees! This is a chance to supporting KDVS and get out of the house! Boo-yah! #kdvs #armadillomusic #fundraiser #radio #collegeradio #ucd #ucdavis #music #vinyl #jazz #blues #reggae #heavymetal #punk ... See MoreSee Less

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